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Online Music Lessons

Sounds of Palestine continues to give online music lessons to its students

End of Winter Time at The Garden of Music

Break from music lessons, playing music and singing together

From Hand Made Instruments to Real Ones

After one month using their own instruments, creating the relationship with the instruments, SoP move to the real instruments.

Celebrating Christmas at the Nativity Church in Bethlehem – Palestine

Enjoy listening to our Al-majdal Orchestra playing Adeesh kan fe nas by Fairuz, arranged by Lisa van der Weij. to listen Click here

Concert in Doha – Bethlehem

The Al-Majdal Orchestra gave a wonderful concert on the 15th of April in cooperation with the Doha Municipality.

Day of the Palestinian Child

On the 6th of April, Baysamun Orchestra was invited to play during the yearly event to honor the Palestinian children, organized by the wonderful Ghirass Cultural Center.

Al-Majdal Orchestra Performs

Our students from Al-Majdal Orchestra performed on the 3rd of February.

Paper Orchestra Qastina

Each year, a new group of first-graders join the after school program Sounds of Palestine. Read about our new group Qastina.

Winter Concerts December 2018

In December the orchestras and choirs of Sounds of Palestine gave their winter concerts.

Cello Biennale Amsterdam 2018

Eight cello students from Sounds of Palestine participated among 160 Cellists from around the world at Cello Biennale Amsterdam 2018