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Social empowerment through music for children in Palestine

Umbrella Organization

The umbrella organization of Sounds of Palestine is Katharina-Werk Basel, a Christian ecumenical community with an interreligious orientation which was founded in 1913. Interreligious encounter and peace-building both in Switzerland and abroad are the main part of its activities. As an accredited charitable organization it guarantees the proper use of donations.
Katharina-Werk Basel is officially registered as an international organization in Palestine and maintains a legal representative office in Palestine where it is represented by Naji Alslaibi.
The treasurer of Katharina-Werk Palestine Branch is Jamal Abu Farha.


Naji Alslaibi, Representative

Naji was born in Bethlehem and completed his BA degree in Accounting at the Bethlehem University in 2011 and his MA degree in Business Administration in 2015 at the BirZeit University. Since 2011 he gained a broad working experience as accountant, financial consultant and finance and admin manager and he is a member of the Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business. He works as Chief Financial and Administrative Officer at the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation (BASR).



Jamal Abu Farha, Treasurer

Jamal was born in Bethehem and completed his BA degree in Accounting at the Bethlehem University in 2011. He works as Senior Partner at AlShayeb Auditing & Accountancy Co. and as Due Diligence & Audit Director at Invest Palestine. Since 2017 he is a Palestinian Certified Public Accountant and an Independent International Auditor in Empacta Group. In addition to his work, he is enrolled as master student for Businesss Law at the Palestine Ahliyah University.